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Navigate the legal landscape with confidence and protect your finances with After-The-Event (ATE) Insurance. This robust coverage is your ally against the risk of paying the opposing party’s legal fees should the courtroom tides turn against you.

ATE Insurance is tailored for both claimants and defendants, ensuring comprehensive protection. Early adoption means preferential premiums, reinforcing the axiom that foresight in litigation is indeed the key to cost efficiency.

Our coverage spans a spectrum, from £100K to over £25M, offering you a customizable safety net that includes everything from adverse costs to expert report fees. With options for appeal protection and cover for part 36 offers, ATE Insurance is not merely a policy—it’s a strategic asset.

Investing in ATE Insurance deters prolonged disputes, as opponents recognize the merit in your case through the insurer’s independent assessment. It’s a strategic move that demonstrates your preparedness to see the case through to its resolution, having mitigated the financial hazards of litigation.

ATE Insurance is not just about safeguarding assets; it’s a strategic component in your legal arsenal. And when it comes to selecting the ideal policy, expertise is paramount. This is where AMI Specialty stands apart. We don’t just offer policies—we deliver peace of mind with bespoke insurance solutions that cater to your unique legal circumstances.

Choosing the right ATE insurance policy requires insight and experience. Trust AMI Specialty to guide you through the intricacies of the ATE insurance market and secure the coverage that aligns with your litigation objectives.

Embark on your legal journey with the assurance of ATE Insurance and the expert guidance of AMI Specialty.