Credit and Political Risks.

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Credit and Political Risks

If your business operates in regions of the world where geo-political tension or an unstable economic environment is never far from the surface, it’s critically important to have robust insurance in place. In particular, it pays to be wary of the financial losses that could be incurred from credit uncertainty and political upheaval. Having robust trade credit protection and political risk cover in place should always be a top priority.

We have many clients who conduct businesses in areas where political coups or economic breakdown are a fact of everyday life. Renewable energy, oil and gas production, power projects – these are all sectors where business is conducted in remote faraway places. Often this entails significant financial investment – and it all needs to be underpinned by appropriately specialist insurance.
AMI Specialty’s extensive knowledge of third world countries has been acquired over a period of decades, working closely with clients across multiple sectors. This places us in an advantageous position to find the appropriate political and credit risk insurance solutions to protect businesses, institutions and people – wherever in the world those risks may occur.

The AMI Specialty credit and political risk insurance offering


The broadest coverage for losses due to government action, political unrest and economic turmoil.


Extending to expropriation and discrimination by governments, political violence and forced abandonment, inability to import/export and inability to convert or to transfer currency.


Trade credit insurance that protects against non-payment, supports businesses in securing finance and managing bad debt


Above all, AMI Specialty political risk and trade credit insurance should be a key constituent of our clients’ corporate governance.

Aligned with our in-house country risk analysts, we can also call upon unrivalled, on-the-ground support, offering clients exceptional political risk and credit protection.

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