About AMI.

AMI Specialty deals with leading insurers in the delivery of innovative insurance products for a worldwide clientele.

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Our objectives are clear: to provide long-term security for organisations, large and small, across multiple sectors – especially renewable energy, construction & engineering, and upstream and downstream energy operations.

Consistently delivering targeted Insurance Solutions.

Located in the City, within walking distance of Lloyds of London, we offer first-class service, knowledge and expertise – an unbreakable link in the chain between underwriter and client. This results in the delivery of incisive insurance solutions, whenever and wherever they are required. Our bespoke offerings are designed to be cost-effective, consistently mitigating risk to stakeholders whilst maximising the potential of every project.

Our talented team comprises individuals who not only know the insurance industry intimately, but also have deep-rooted knowledge of the industries in which we typically operate.

Utilising our network of institutional finance providers, we also provide assistance to clients in the sourcing of funding and investment solutions.

Investment Confidence.

De-risking projects is the name of the game for us, which is why we work extensively with funders, banks, family offices, asset managers, ultra-high net worth individuals and project owners, to provide a safety-first approach for any given situation. Ultimately, our advice can make the difference between a project being given the green light or being parked up for good.

What sets AMI Specialty apart from other Brokers?

Our Service.


Understanding your needs

AMI take the time to research and understand your individual business risks and needs.


Technical strength

Our specialist construction and engineering technicians will provide you with high quality, impartial advice.


Rapid response

For all enquiries, AMI Specialty will provide advice and solutions within 48 hours.


Strong relationships

There are huge advantages in working within tri-partite relationships. This is precisely why we introduce our clients to key insurance underwriters, so they can fully understand what your business requires.

For a friendly, non-obligatory introductory chat, we’d be pleased to hear from you. Call us on +44 (0) 203 675 0919 or email support@ami-specialty.com